The Country, The House,  and The Decision

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We here at the Roller household are facing one of our toughest decisions ever. It is a decision that affects our very livelihood and the direction we want to go in raising our seven children still at home.

Last year my husband took a good paying job in a near-by big city. We are not city folks at ALL and would rather live a quieter, simpler life that allows our main focus to be on our faith, family, and ministry. So when we found a house for rent in a near-by small town of 8,000 we were excited! It was the small town life we have always dreamed of!! Over the course of the past year we have slowly made a life for ourselves here in the community and built many relationships. Life couldn’t of been better, until we received a letter in the mail that our landlord didn’t want to renew our lease again!

Instantly, we were stunned but recovered quickly and started calling two other places in town that were for rent. We slowly discovered through our calls to rentals that with the size of our family we needed a five bedroom due to fire safety ordinances. But there were no five bedrooms….In fact there were no other homes for rent AT ALL in our rural community.

See OUR plans were to stay in this rental a year and save as much money as we could for a fixer upper! But it seems like Gods plans may be alittle different than ours.

With so many thoughts swirling around in my mind all I can do is pray for guidance.

Here are my thoughts:

  • We wanted to be debt free, will it ever happen?
  • The cost of living in WI is higher than back home in MO/IL. So with that being said it costs more to buy a home.
  • Since we live in a rural area there is a special rural development loan with interest rates between 1-3% if you purchase in the country.
  • If we get a lower interest rate our mortgage payments may be cheaper than our rent payment.
  • If we rent we need a five bedroom. So far all the five bedrooms are closer to the city and cost way out of my budget. (Silly fire safety laws!) (Just kidding)
  • If we have to rent will we have to compromise and move to the city?
  • Can I survive the city? I like calm and quiet! My house is loud and exciting enough for me!!
  • I always thought we would move back home. Enough said.
  • Can I live without my little Walmart?  I’m being serious there is nobody at the Black Friday sales in the country! You can get all the deals no problem!! These are things a girl has got to consider.
  • Oh did I mention we have to figure it out by the end of August or will be homeless.
  • Plus just the thought of packing for nine people again even with the kids help exhausts me!!!

I will keep you updated as God moves. Please feel free to share your thoughts! I’m always willing for good advice and pray for us!

Whoo that feels good to get off my chest!! All this stress is making me crave chocolate 💜! And all the women said “amen”!!

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