Using Biblical Hospitality As A Family Ministry

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Hospitality is a great way for Christian families to communicate the love and goodness of Christ to the world and the people around them! By dying to our own pleasures and wants and instead yielding our time to serving others we can experience the true joy and peace that comes from honoring and blessing others with our service.

Most people underestimate the impact of hospitality. They see it merely as a task like having someone over for a meal, or inviting a guest over for the night. But it is SO much more!! It is a silent form of witnessing! It is another way to win others for Christ, and to strengthen and build new relationships. It’s a form of ministry that a family can do together. It is a dying ministry that is often overlooked but equally important as passing out tracts, going door to door witnessing, and street preaching!

By showing hospitality to others specifically unbelievers, a family gives a living example of the gospel to everyone they welcome into their home! By allowing people into our lives and seeing the interaction, love, and respect you give your spouse, we are revealing what a Godly marriage looks likes (notice I didn’t say perfect). We are demonstrating a living example of the love between Christ and His Bride to those around us!

When a family works together in love to bless, honor, and show hospitality to others it beautifully shows the world Christ’s example of having a servants heart! By welcoming others into our lives they are able to see Christs light shining from our families. They will see that your different and when they ask you how you do it…and they will …because of His light shining through you… You are able to cheerfully share with them your testimony for Christ!

It’s a new year and I challenge you to start it out with a new frame of mind! Begin to see hospitality as a form of witnessing!

  • Invite one family over for a meal a month.
  • Keep a notebook and right down the date of the first time you welcome another family into your home (thank you Rachel Holmes for your great example)!
  • Pull that notebook out at the end of every year and praise God for the relationships He has helped you to build, the lives you have encouraged, and the brothers and sisters you have won for Him!

Build relationships! Transform lives! Be that living example of God’s grace , love, and mercy! The world is searching for answers for all their problems–be that light that will keep pointing them back to Christ!

How many families will yours win for Christ this year?

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