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2016 Focus Word Love And Loving Being Created In His Image

Seven years ago in our tiny, little bedroom of our first house I began to read the whole Bible for the first time in my life. It was at my husbands prompting and it forever changed my life. The power of God’s living word reached down deep into my soul and gave me the peace, love, answers, and security I had been desperately longing far. The knowledge from God’s word began the slow process of sanctifying and renewing me!

As I began to read about the strange woman in the Book Of Probverbs my heart overfilled with grief. I could see myself in her description. No I had never been a prostitute but I had been guilty of finding my self worth and self esteem by how many men noticed my body. I dressed to be noticed…I dressed to be seen…I was stuck in this endless cycle of dressing in low cut tops, tight tops, tight jeans, and little shorts, all to make myself feel good but it never worked…not deep down where anyone could see…it never satisfied me deep down….because I needed Jesus.

I began to feel ashamed of my worldy, fleshly behavior, causing men to sin and not even thinking twice about it. Just moving on and going on through life with no reality to the consequences. I was¬†figuratively wiping my mouth to the evil I had done just like the Book of Probverbs.I had been turning to Hollywood and the fashion industry to dictate my dress…and I’m a Christian! These are the only clothes out there I would reason with myself….Everybody does it I would tell myself…Its too hard to find modest clothing I told myself…..but I had already started to be changed by the truth of Gods Word and I couldn’t ignore it. The Lord began to help me see things in a generational view instead of a right now in this very moment point of view. I began to see how my dressing like the world would have an influence on my children, and my grandchildrens dress. I began to see the significance of this decision which would seem tiny and insignificant to others from an eternity point of view. Instead of being overwhelmed and stressed and scared I CHOSE TO LOVE BEING CREATED IN HIS IMAGE. TO HIM I WAS ALREADY PERFECT JUST THE WAY I AM..JUST THE WAY HE CREATED ME!

You see CREATED IN HIS IMAGE is not tight clothing, look at me clothing, trendy styles, thigh high boots with tight jeans to draw your attention to your thighs, legs, and butt, yoga pant, tank tops etc. Jesus did not dress in the latest fashion. He did not wear tight jeans that accentuated is body. He didn’t spend $100’s of dollars on the latest fashion trends. He didn’t look to the world for dress

.Once I realized all this I was able to find peace and rest in the fact that I was CREATED IN HIS IMAGE and that was sufficient for me. I could let go of the standards and the ways of the world and have peace…HIS peace. Since then I have chosen to make a purity statement instead of fashion statement!

Have you chosen to make a purity statement instead of a fashion statement? I would love to hear your testimony of how God has worked in your life in this area!


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