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How Do You Want To Be Remembered By Others This Year? A Question That Brought Earth Shattering Reality To My Life!

I have been spending alot of time goal planning and setting lately. I have been carefully self evaluating my life, my actions, my attitude, and my responses to others and thinking about the way others see me. When I began to think about how I wanted to be remembered by others this year I stopped dead in my tracks. I began to realize that I needed to change some of my actions NOW…ASAP and beginning living now the way I want to be remembered by others especially my husband and children.

I don’t want to be remembered as the tired, grouchy, overwhelmed mom of many BUT as a vibrant, fun, joyful mom others enjoy being around!

Here is the full list of how I want to be remembered:

  • my love for Jesus
  • my love for my husband
  • my love for my children
  • my love for my community
  • my love for the lost
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • servants heart
  • encouraging
  • words of praise
  • words of thankfulness
  • smiling
  • cheerful
  • fun
  • intentional
  • hard working
  • enduring
  • hugging
  • kissing
  • a good wife
  • a good mother
  • a good daughter
  • a good sister
  • a Good daughter to my Heavenly King

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be remembered for these things? Focusing on this has really helped me to cut through all the noise in my life and realize what really matters most from an eternity perspective! Pray for me as I begin to seek the Lord to help me change in these areas and to use it for His Glory this coming year!

So now I challenge you to ask yourself the say question. How do you want to be remembered by others this year? share with me how you want to be remembered and let me pray for you!



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